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Old, outdated or inherited jewellery

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All the jewellery process are made on-site.

Turning our backs on industrial jewellery!

We are not middlemen.

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All my bespoke, remade or stock jewellery are handmade.

More than 30 years of experience allows me to be creative, inventive and knowledgeable about metals and gemstones.

If you have unwanted jewellery (either inherited or maybe just outdated) instead of selling it, redesign it! in something else, that you will love to wear.
The temptation is to sell these and buy new ones, but this is bad business for you. The price you will get will be for the scrap.
Remodelling jewellery can come at a cost but instead, the new piece(s) will be unique and made to please you.

Bring your jewellery and gemstones

The jeweller can advise you if you have any doubts

We start to work and reshape the jewellery


Where the magic happens: our workshop

We really use your metal! And your gems.
For us it's not important if you have pieces in 9ct, 14ct, 18ct or 22ct, if they are white, yellow or red, we can work with them to bring them to the same carat and the same colour.
Our white gold is always white, and it never needs to be Rhodium plated.
If you want yellow or red, each one of them will be made to match the stones so the jewellery piece will be harmonious.
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197, A, Warstone Lane (ground floor), Birmingham, B18 6JR -Shop Andreeadesign

In-house service used for redesigning or remodelling your jewellery

Bring the jewellery pieces with you.
Discuss with the jeweller face to face.
Do you have gold in different colours or carats? Here I use your gold to change the colour and adjust it to get it to 18 ct.
Through the refinement process, it is possible to change from any colour gold to white or from white to any colour.
Choose design, gold colour and stones (if it applies).
Give advice for the best options to have a lovely jewellery but at the same time a durable one.
Take out all the stone from the jewellery pieces.
Refine in order to extract the pure gold and remove harmful metals that the old jewellery may have.
Melt and mix to gain the desired colour of gold.
Work with the ingot to form the desired shape.
Setting the stone(s) and/or engraving.
Hallmark in Assay office.
The piece is ready to collect.
The customer comes to pick it up and if the size is not perfect, 5 minutes later and it's resized and ready.
Make a video with the process and uploaded it to YouTube.
Share the link to the customer.
Refer to our channel for redesign examples.
07473920793 phone or WhatsApp if you want to discuss more.

In-house services that are not used for either redesign or bespoke process

Only made by hand jewellery.
My magic stops with the gold colour.
I cannot change the gold in platinum or palladium.
We can't promise a video with each jewellery piece.
To achieve your dream jewellery, come to see us.

197, A, Warstone Lane (ground floor), Birmingham, B18 6JR -Shop Andreeadesign



From 24 hours to a few days depending on the chosen design




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